Colour choice matters.

How Colour Choices Affect Buyers (And Your Odds At Selling)

When it comes to paint colours, beauty is truly in the eye of the home buyer.

A seller might see their cherry red kitchen as bold and bodacious, while a prospective buyer might think tacky and tasteless — before moving onto a less distracting property. Colour choices, for interiors and exteriors, can impact the selling power of a home. Here’s what REALTORS® need to know about colour to avoid losing a sale.

Stay Away From This Unpopular Colour Trifecta

In a recent survey by Better Homes and Gardens, homeowners listed orange, black and purple as the three hues that they would be least likely to decorate with. Orange and purple are difficult to complement, black can make a room appear smaller and feel morose, and all three are loud.

While these colours might be okay in small doses — such as a narrow black accent wall in an otherwise light-coloured room — their presence in larger areas might dissuade prospective buyers from taking a property seriously. If your client has a penchant for purple, politely suggest repainting in a neutral colour before listing.

Consider The Year’s On-Trend Palette


If several rooms in your client’s home need a paint job before the house is listed, look to the colours of the year for inspiration. For 2016, the trending palette — according to Benjamin Moore — includes pale but upbeat shades of blues, pinks, greens and grays. Using colours of the moment will help a home feel modern and contemporary.

When In Doubt, Use White


A coat of white paint can make any room look fresh and inviting. It’s especially transformative if a room’s features and furniture are outdated, and cannot be changed before the house is put on the market. In a kitchen with old appliances and antiquated wood cabinets, for example, white walls can help modernize the overall look.

Upkeep Is More Important Than Hue


The only thing more likely to turn away a prospective buyer than ugly paint colours is surfaces that are in desperate need of any sort of paint. Chipped, peeling and faded walls, doors, mailboxes, windows and porches convey a sense of disarray and lack of upkeep, making buyers wonder if the whole house is in need of work. If your clients won’t budge on colour choice, then at least ensure that unkempt surfaces are treated to a new coat of paint.

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